Fusion Triple Product: Nuclear-Powered Rockets

If we are to achieve our dreams of interstellar exploration beyond our Solar System, we need to explore propulsion mechanisms that allow us to travel faster and further than current rockets. Chemical rockets used today have a low fuel-efficiency of just 35% and would take 30,000 years to reach the nearest stars outside our SolarContinue reading “Fusion Triple Product: Nuclear-Powered Rockets”

Space Debris

Just 40% of the total satellites that orbit the Earth are active, whilst the remaining 60% amount to useless metal shooting around the planet at speeds of 28,000kph, ten times faster than the speed of a bullet. However, inactive satellites are just a small fraction of the problem. Russia recently destroyed one of its ownContinue reading “Space Debris”

The Cosmic Microwave Background

The night sky is dark. Bar the presence of a few distant stars and our lunar companion, we look out into a void of overwhelming darkness. In 1823, astronomer Heinrich Olbers published a paper discussing how strange it was that the sky is dark and not uniformly bright with starlight, coining the term Olbers’ paradox.Continue reading “The Cosmic Microwave Background”