We are two Physics students at the University of Warwick, keen to share some of the most interesting ideas in the field. We write about the fundamental principles as well as modern day research and applications.

Our blog presents these concepts in an accessible manner; we include no more than the most fundamental mathematics to ensure content is readable to anyone with an interest in physics.


Nikhita is studying Physics at Warwick University and is a part time, online maths and physics tutor. She has a keen interest in quantum physics, the study of nature’s properties at a subatomic scale, and medical physics. Nikhita will be interning at IBM this Summer, using data analytics and coding to develop smart technology.


James is a Physics student at Warwick University and a passionate Liverpool fan. James has a particular interest in condensed-matter physics, the study of the structure of solids and their electric and magnetic properties. An award-winning online maths and physics tutor with over 1000 hours experience, James also has written about teaching for the University blog.

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